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Lake "X" Tournament Trail

Your West Metro Bass Fishing League...With a Twist!

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About Us

The Lake X Difference


Lake X Tournament Trail was founded in 2018 with the idea in mind to start up something that anglers of all skill levels could partake in, and have a blast! We also add a small twist to the "traditional" Bass Tournament. No one is aware of which lake we will be fishing until the evening prior to tournament day! Here's how it works! Upon submitting the entry form for the season, each team will choose a lake and submit their choice to the league director. All lake submissions will be placed into a drawing and will be selected at random and announced via Facebook and/or text the evening prior to the tournament! This allows for minimal to/no time for pre-fishing which levels out the playing field! Not to mention, it also creates anticipation and excitement for all! All Tournaments are scheduled on Sundays, with 5 tournaments currently on the schedule for the season.  For more details on how Lake X operates, please see our Info Page! Thanks for Joining Us!

-Dakota Hart  

Our Mission


Lake X Tournament Trail's mission is to strive for all people of all skill levels to be able to fish on a competitive level and have a great time doing it! We encourage all members to share their tips and techniques after each tournament weigh-in, in order to support and help the leagues overall skill-set and build not only a strong local fishing community but individual relationships as well!  

Who We Are


We are a group of guys and gals based mainly in and around the Carver County region who love the sport of Bass Fishing! We focus on empowering and bettering each other, along with a little healthy competition and a potential for winning some cash money as well!  The Lake X Community strives to spend less time in the truck and more time on the water, which is why there are limited lake choices to a 1 hour radius of a spot chosen by the league!  Join the community and follow our fishing adventures on Facebook by clicking the green "F" below!

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Lake X Tournament Trail

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