The 2019 Season is Offically Closed for New Entries. See Sign Up page for more Info.

Rules And Regulations

Revised- 2/4/2019

Choosing Lakes:

A) Lake “X” Tournament Trail is a mystery lake type of League. Which means every team that joins for the season, gets one choice of a potential lake they would like to fish. That choice then goes into what we call the “Lake Raffle”. Every Saturday (Day before tournament) between 7PM and 9PM, the tournament director will send out a text/video text identifying which lake was chosen. This text will also include: Landing location, time of Launch, and any special requests (if any). 

B) Things to keep in mind when choosing a lake to add to the raffle. Any lake will need to be within a 1 and half hour drive from the center of Carver County (cross roads of Hwy 284 & Cty Rd. 140 in between Waconia and Cologne). Lakes must be at least 500 Acres in size or greater. Lakes will be crossed checked with MN DNR Lake Surveys. If a Lake has already been chosen, one must chose another body of water. We will not put doubles in the raffle. Please see chart on the current years updates page to find out the lakes that have already been chosen. Please be advised, lakes will always be chosen at random (Out of a bucket), and not everyone's lake will be fished in the calendar year. 

Payment/Membership Fees

Lake “X” Tournament Trail Membership:
A) Lake “X” Tournament Trail membership fee is $25.00 per person, per year. This fee gives you the right to fish all 5 events for that calendar year. Allows the member to have say on what lakes we fish that year. The fee helps cover tournament costs, trophies, set up etc.
Tournament Entry Fees:
A) The Tournament Entry Fee for the Lake “X” Tournament Trail is $200 per boat, per year. This cost will cover your cut of the prize winnings for all 5 events for that calendar year. The Lake “X” Trail has a 100% Payout Program. Laid out as follows: 

(Prizes based on a total of 15 Boats)

Total Winnings Per Tournament: $600

1st Place-50%-$300

2nd Place-30%-$180

3rd Place-20%-$120

B)**Big Bass(Cash Only)-

As an option, there will be a side bet at each tournament. The cost for the Big Bass Pot is $20.00 cash per boat, that is due to be paid to the tournament director the morning of the tournament before launch. The winner is determined, based on the single biggest bass caught on that day. (The fish must be living and able to be released). If you opt out of the Big Bass Side Pot, you are not eligible for any of the money in that pot, regardless of the fish you catch. 

C) Lake X Tournament Trail will be providing Trophies for each event of the season, and also a Team of the Year trophy provided each year to the team with the most points at the end of the regular season. These Trophies will be handed out at the end of the season party, which the date for will be determined during the season. 


A) All payments MUST be paid in full no later than May 6th, 2019. No exceptions. 

B) payments are received in 4 forms. Cash, Check, Money Order, or Online Payment (PayPal). Please advise us via the online Entry Form which form you would like to use. 

C) If Using Check or Money Order, Please mail payment and printed Liability form to Tournament Director at:

Dakota Hart

Lake X Tournament Trail

1204 Meadow Parkway

Mayer, MN 55360

D) If Using online Payment (PayPal). Please Use this link to complete PayPal Payment

A) All tournaments are open to anyone 18 years of age or older. If under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All participants must complete and sign the Lake “X” Tournament Trail Entry Form. Any member under 18 years of age, must have parent or legal guardian sign off on Entry Form. 

B) The Lake “X” Tournament Trail is open to all boats, regardless of makes, models, or motor sizes. The only stipulation for your watercraft, is it must have a working livewell.
C) Tournament Directors are fully permitted to fish all of the Lake “X” Tournament Trail events. They must pay the same fees as all other members. 

Partnership Substitutions:

A) All teams are able to use substitutes whenever necessary, only stipulation is a sub, must be announced to the director as soon as you know your going to use one. Bringing a sub without prior knowledge of said sub is forbidden. All Subs must sign waiver before fishing that day. Please understand that if a sub was used and helped win that particular tournament, the trophies will still be in the name of the individuals that signed up.  A participant may fish solo in as many tournaments as becomes necessary and retain all points. If you choose to fish solo, the full per boat price is still applicable.
B) All substitutes fishing in any Lake “X” Tournament Trail event must be pre-approved by the tournament director, along with filling out a waiver prior to fishing that day. 

Tournament Rules 

Pre Tournament Check In:
A) There will be a check in at each tournament site starting 30 minutes before the start of the tournament which will include a live-well inspection and an optional Big Bass payment. Any special Rules or guidelines for that days event will be noted during the Check In. 

B) The Tournament Director will only accept cash BEFORE the start of that days event for the optional Big Bass pot

C) Each team will also choose a numbered Ping Pong Ball (or duck) out of a bucket to determine the order in which we will take off. The team that draws the biggest number will be responsible for calling out the launch numbers while on the water. Please be sure to leave enough time in between numbers to allow the boat in front to get at least 50 yards away.
D) All teams must be paid in full for the entire tournament series in order to fish.

Off-Limits/Special Rules: 

A) The tournament director will announce the off-limits areas or Special Rules for each body of water, if any, at the Pre Tournament Check In. Any team fishing in the off-limits areas or violating the special rules will be disqualified from the tournament. 

Live well Inspection:
A) Boats must have a live well, either built into the boat or portable. Live wells must have some type of pump or circulator to keep fish alive. Any and all livewells must be checked before launch. Any member of LXTT can check that livewells are empty before launch. Those members may be called upon to settle any disputes on pre caught fish. Any Team found to have pre possessed a fish before the start of the tournament will be disqualified.
List of Items NOT Permitted During Tournament Hours:

(anyone found doing any of the listed items below can be immediately disqualified from that days tournament.)
-Live Bait

-Outboard Trolling(Dragging baits behind the boat while motor is running)

-Consuming Alcohol or being Intoxicated in any way

-Unsportsmanlike Conduct (at the discretion of Director)

-Cheating(Includes but not limited to, Preposession of fish, weighting fish etc.)

-Operating Combustion Engine without Life Jacket
-Disobeying any state laws/DNR regulations

Leaving the Boat:

Team members are not allowed to leave their boats during tournament hours unless it is an emergency (Sickness, dire boat troubles, Duty Calls etc.) Please contact tournament director if any of these circumstances happen to end your day prematurely.

Life Jackets:

A) During all of Lake “X”Tournament events, All members must wear their life jackets zipped and/or secured when combustion engine is running and in gear.


A) There is a 5 fish limit per boat. Every bass must be at least 12” in length,  Unless stated otherwise by the DNR or any other special regulations. State laws always supersede one of the tour. If more then 5 fish are brought in for weigh in, one will be culled starting with the biggest.


A) Ties for Big Bass will be broken by your teams next biggest fish. Ties for Team of the Year will be broken by your Team’s overall 5 bag totals for the year. Ties in any regular season event will be broken with big bass weight. (Please note, it is your responsibility to ask for your big bass to be weighed in, regardless if you are in the big bass side pot or not).


Short Fish- Will be Culled from bag along + 2 pound Deduction

Dead Fish- 1 pound Deduction for each dead fish.

Late to Weigh In- 1 Pound for every Minute Late. (more details below)

** If a boat is not within 50 yards of the weigh-in location and off plane at the specified time for weigh-in the boat will be considered late. Time will be tracked on any boat late to the weigh-in until that boat is within 50 yards of the weigh-in location and off plane. The official number of minutes will be recorded by the tournament director. After 15 minutes past weigh-in teams are disqualified. Please note: There will be special circumstances such as a blown motor, or mangled prop. If this were to happen, please contact the tournament director or another member of the LXTT immediately. These circumstances will be taken on a case by case basis.
Weigh-in procedures:
A) Each team must present his or her own catch to the weigh-in official (Lake “X” members typically use their own weigh-in bags. A quality, non leaking bag is encouraged, and more than one bag is encouraged for limits over 15lbs).
B) No other person shall then handle the fish except a weigh-in official. No person other than weigh-in officials may touch the scale; weigh basket or any part of the weigh-in equipment.
Post Tournament Meeting:

A) Here at LXTT, we all want to grow in the sport of Bass fishing. So in light of that, during and after weigh ins it is encourage that we take a second to share our tips and techniques that we discovered after a day on the water. 1st place finishers must share what they did that day to receive the win. This is also when we will be giving out the winnings for that day.
Insurance & Liability:
A) All members will carry liability insurance on any boat they use during any Lake “X” Tournament Trail Events. Failure to do so or reporting of false information will result in disqualification.
B) All participants must sign a membership waiver that will exclude Lake “X” Tournament Trail from any liability. Waivers will be emailed to each team captain and also handed out at the league meet up at the start of each season.
Refusal of Membership:
A) We reserve the right to refuse membership or entry into any Lake “X” Tournament Trail events.

Scoring(Team of the Year):

A) Lake “X” Tournament Trail will also offer a Team of the Year trophy to the team that has accumulated the most amount of points from the 5 events in that season. 

B)  All regular season scoring will be on a 100-point scoring system:

C) The 1st Place team for each event will be given 100 points to add to their yearly total. Every placeholder after that will be deducted 2 consecutive points. Every team must bring in at least one fish to be in this ranking. If you have to bring in an empty bag, you will still be rewarded 50 Points for being apart of the tournament. If you do not make it to the event, you will forfeit all of that events points for your team. The winning team for big bass will also get an extra 5 points to go along with their total.
Scoring goes as follows:

                                                      1st Place-100 Points

                                                     2nd Place-98 Points

                                                      3rd Place-96 Points

                                                     4th Place-94 Points


                                               Big Bass Team-5 Extra Points. 

                                     Total points capable for each event: 105